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Whole Home Chlorine Filters:
High quality water at every tap for about $2 per day*

Whole Home Chlorine Filter

To help ensure better tasting water throughout your whole home, a chlorine filter is installed at the main waterline. Dechlorination can also reduce damage to appliances and fixtures from chlorine, while alleviating the effects of chlorine on your skin and hair.


  • Eliminates the chlorine taste and odour from each tap in your house
  • High quality regenerating valve for optimal filtration performance
  • Perfect addition to other BCRC Heating water treatment solutions such as water softeners
  • Long lasting, high quality activated carbon filter

Iron/Manganese Filters

Eliminate the metallic taste, improve water clarity and odour, and reduce yellow, brown or black stains on plumbing fixtures, appliances and laundry. Iron and manganese compounds occur naturally in the groundwater of some areas; Water with excess iron/manganese can appear clear at first but then develop colour and cloudiness after exposure to oxygen. The oxygen causes both the iron and manganese to settle in rust-like particles at the bottom of drinking glasses or pitchers, and these substances can also affect the taste of water.


  • Improve the clarity of your water
  • Reduce or eliminate metallic taste and odour in water you consume
  • Safe and effective prevention of sink, tub and toilet staining
  • Could help to extend the life of water-consuming equipment, fixtures and appliances