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We Repair Hot Water Tanks or Tankless Water Heaters

Space is the most important fact to consider before choosing to go with standard storage tank hot water heaters or tankless, on-demand water heaters. Compare the advantages and features of each type.

Different types of systems to suit your needs.

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On Demand Tankless Water Heater

1. Energy Savings – heat water only when you need it
2. Continuous supply of hot water throughout your home
3. Save space
4. Cleaner water
5. Lasts longer, units can last up to 20 years before replacement

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Hot Water Tank

1. Good for high use demands
2. Save utility bills – Large gas burner or high electric flow is not needed
3. Constantly stores heated water
4. Less prone to mechanical problems
5. Comes in different sizes from 20 to 120 gallons

Gas or Electric Hot Water Tank?

BCRC Heating and Cooling has knowledgeable technicians specialized in electric and natural gas hot water heater installations who can help you decide which is the best unit for your home. Keep in mind, we can also help you with water heater repairs and maintenance, including prompt 24/7 emergency service.

Water Heater Repairs Include:

Burner repair and replacement
Pressure release valve repair and replacement
Ignition system repair and replacement
Anode rod repair and replacement
Thermostat repair and replacement
Drain valve repair and replacement
Water shut off valve replacement
Gas shut off valve replacement

Hot Water Heater Repair Services Include:

No hot water
Leaking hot water heater
Insufficient hot water
Gas hot water tank heaters
Electric hot water heaters
Tankless "on-demand" hot water heaters

What Size Water Heater Do I Need?

It’s important to choose the right size water heater for your home. If you decided to go for a storage tank water heater, the average amount of water you use per day is going to determine the capacity of tank you should buy. This chart will help you identify the right size unit for your house.

Whole House Type

Replaces a storage tank-type water heater. Should be installed in a central location of the house.


Only provides hot water to a single fixture due to its very small size and is usually located under the sink, far from the central hot water source.

Certified Heating and Cooling Technicians

  • Our licensed Vancouver furnace repair technicians train every week on heating systems. This ensures they’ll do the job right…the first time! Our technicians are fully licensed and ticketed, adhering to all Fortis BC guidelines and regulations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If you’re not 100% satisfied with our furnace repair work, you’ll get your money back…guaranteed! If something’s not right, we’ll fix it.

Upfront Pricing

  • No hidden costs here. You’ll know exactly how much the heating repair will be before we start our work.