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Saves your warranty
To maintain your AC's warranty, most AC manufacturers require that you get professional maintenance annually. Without the warranty during a repair, you'll always have to pay the cost of labour AND the part.

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Outside unit maintenance

We'll check the:

1. Condensing unit cabinet
2. Condensing unit pan
3. Condenser coil
4. Condenser coil leaks
5. Condenser fan motor
6.Condenser fan blade
7. Contactor
8. Capacitor(s)
9. Wiring
10. Thermostat wiring
11. Compressor amperage
12. Compressor terminals
13. Compressor temperature
14. Outside disconnect

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Inside unit maintenance

We'll check the:

1. Temperature difference
2. Saturation temperature
3. Coil cabinets
4. Evaporator coil
5. Supply/return plenums
6. Drain pan
7. Trap
8. Drain line
9. Drain line float switch
10. Broken motor capacitor
11. Wiring
12. Thermostat
13. UV light
14. Static pressure

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Certified Heating and Cooling Technicians

  • Our licensed Vancouver furnace repair technicians train every week on heating systems. This ensures they’ll do the job right…the first time! Our technicians are fully licensed and ticketed, adhering to all Fortis BC guidelines and regulations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If you’re not 100% satisfied with our furnace repair work, you’ll get your money back…guaranteed! If something’s not right, we’ll fix it.

Upfront Pricing

  • No hidden costs here. You’ll know exactly how much the heating repair will be before we start our work.