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Go Green by Upgrading to a Heat Pump

At BCRC Heating and Cooling, we are committed to combating climate change, and we believe that heat pumps may assist Canadians in operating their homes in a more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective manner.
Heat pumps heat and cool your home, replacing your air conditioner in the summer and keeping your family warm when the weather isn’t too chilly. As a result, they’re one of the simplest ways to cut CO2 emissions without sacrificing comfort.
And since a heat pump is more efficient than a furnace at milder temperatures, it may help you reduce your energy bills too. It can also help reduce your carbon footprint from an energy usage (running the equipment) standpoint. This is because the electricity grid here is fairly clean and produced largely from non-carbon emitted sources.

How does a heat pump work?

During the summer, a heat pump keeps your home cool by removing heat from inside your home and moving it outside. It keeps your home comfortable in the spring and fall by removing heat from the air outside and pushing it inside. Your furnace only kicks in when the temperature really drops.

Heat pumps installation - burnaby

What are the environmental benefits of a heat pump?

  • Heat pumps run on electricity and consequently produce lower CO2 emissions than a furnace that burns natural gas.
  • Most electricity in Canada is produced through non-carbon emitting sources, especially in British Columbia and Ontario.
  • Since your furnace won’t be running as much, you could significantly reduce your home’s CO2 emissions.

At BCRC Heating, we make green home solutions easy. Book your FREE in-home consultation today to learn more.


Choosing the right heat pump for your home

Not all heat pumps are created equal. Choosing the right heat pump will help it run efficiently, help keep your budget in check and your home feeling comfortable.

Before you choose a heat pump unit, here are a few things to consider:

How big is your home? Do you live in a warmer or colder part of the country? Both are key considerations when determining your unit size and power.

How well is your home insulated? The amount and type of insulation will influence the size and power of the heat pump you will need.


Since a heat pump works to cool and heat your home, there are two ways to measure its energy efficiency. Look at the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) to check its cooling efficiency, and the heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) to check its heating efficiency.

The higher the SEER and HSPF rating, the more energy you could save and the lower your operating costs could be.


Should I rent or buy my heat pump?

Upgrading to a heat pump is an investment in building a greener future. That’s why BCRC Heating makes it easy to rent or buy.

  • When you rent, you will enjoy one low, monthly rental payment.
  • When you rent, BCRC Heating will service your heat pump at no additional cost.
  • When you buy, your upfront investment may increase the value of your home.

Still not sure whether it makes more sense to rent or buy? Learn more about your options by getting in touch with us.


There are many things to consider before buying or renting a heat pump. At BCRC Heating, we are here to help you choose the best option. Book your FREE in-home consultation today to learn more.

BCRC Heating is proud to be Canada’s neighborhood home comfort specialist. Whether you’re ready to explore our new green home solutions, or you need help keeping your existing heating and cooling system in top shape, just Call on BCRC Heating and Cooling.

Dale C
Dale C
The whole crew from Andy, Tony, and Adam are fantastic. They installed my AC and furnace in 1 day and kept me abreast of update thru the job. Highly recommended for my family and friends.
Jeff Wang
Jeff Wang
Installed a 4 head multi split AC unit in my 30+ year home. Works great for heating AND cooling! Andy and the team came by with 4 vans and worked non stop finished in 1.5 days. made sure things were installed and working smoothly! They are very responsive to concerns as well. Definitely will recommend to friends and family. Also machines are very very quiet.
Luiz Segundo
Luiz Segundo
Nicholas Podas
Nicholas Podas
If you have been looking for honesty, integrity, respectfulness, exemplary skill set and great values, then you have found the right company. Andy, Tony and Adam and their support staff, are beyond any doubt the very best that I have ever encountered in my decades of experience. BCRC installed central air conditioning in my home and I could not be more satisfied and pleased. And I know that you will be equally satisfied and pleased. NP BURNABY BC MAY 2022
Sharon Kerr
Sharon Kerr
We had BCRC replace a new Lennox A/C unit to replace our old unit in our condo apartment on Monday after just contacting them last week. The crew showed up on time. They were professional as well as polite and very personable. Everything went smooth and they took away the old unit. They are a Lennox dealership. It's Thursday now and we are happy to have the A/C before the heat of the summer arrives. Robin & Sharon Unfortunately we couldn't import 2 photos?
Brinda K
Brinda K
I contacted BCRC heating online on the morning of February 5th. In couple of hours I had a call from the company to set up time for a technician to come by and look at the boiler. Instead of waiting few days I asked if anyone would be available the same day. The technician was kind enough to look at the schedule and send a technician who was in the neighborhood. Andy the technician who came to look at the boiler was professional and knowledgeable. We discussed few options for the replacement of the boiler. He recommended going with a combi boiler for our place as it would be energy efficient and better suited for our needs. He gave us quotes on what we had asked for initially which was just a boiler replacement and a quote on his recommendation. After researching we decided to go with the combi boiler. I messaged Andy to set a date of the replacement. The replacement took  place within few days. I was initially told that the replacement of our old boiler and hot water tank to the Bosch combi boiler- Singular 5200 would take two days. This combi boiler is 96% efficient and energy star. The technician arrived around 930am to start the work. The work was done professionally. Instead if taking two days to complete the job the technician stayed till 10pm and completed the entire project in one day. Tony also came in the next day to install the thermostat inside the house which eas greatly appreciated They also set up at city technician to come have a look at install in a timely manner. Tony and his team were exceptionally helpful and courteous. We are satisfied with the job and would highly recommend BCRC plumbing and heating for your next job.
Robert Hodgson
Robert Hodgson
purchased furnace and a/c with thermostat and install. no pressure , Andy gave me a full understanding of heat pump and a/c benefits. worked with my budget and gave me the best price on 3 quotes. professional , courteous , timely. Andy also completed paperwork for rebate and sent it in to Fortis bc. I received cheque 2 weeks later. they cleaned up at completion and removed materials, very clean. Also took me through through the process of how the equipment works and how to set up thermostat. Very satisfied and fully recommend BCRC Heating and Cooling.
Lisa Walter
Lisa Walter
Adam was on time and very professional! I haven’t had good customer service like this in so long. I will definitely refer him and this company to friends and family!! So happy with the job he did. 👍👍
Greg T.
Greg T.
We needed to replace our aging boiler (30+ years) and a domestic hot water tank that was no longer effectively providing hot water. We set out to get quotes from at least 5 different businesses and chose BCRC Heating & Cooling. They answered the many questions we had, responded timely, and provided quotes for different types of systems and brands that we requested. After our own research and consultation with BCRC we decided that an IBC Boiler in addition to an IBC storage tank for our domestic hot water would more than meet the demands of our family and for the size of our house. BCRC provided a timeline for the install (4 days) and they made sure they adhered to it. They kept the site clean and placed a protective covering on our floors. They were very accommodating to some of the adjustments we requested and made sure that we were very happy with the install and the process. As expected, their work passed inspection and for the last week we have been enjoying rapid, unlimited, uninterrupted domestic hot water and a heating system that is 95% efficient. Thank you to the BCRC Heating and Cooling team (Andy, Tony and Adam) for making this a great experience and thank you for helping with the submission of the rebates. We will definitely be calling BCRC to do our annual maintenance for this system.
Danielle Mainville
Danielle Mainville
Reliable and very professional,. Adam as a very high work ethics towards me.I recommend highly BCRC to everyone,and also so grateful to have found this company.