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Wondering What New Home Furnace Installation Costs in BC?
BCRC Heating and Cooling Will Make Sure You Know!

New Furnace Installation

At BCRC Heating and Cooling Ltd, we’ve been doing furnace installation services throughout Greater Vancouver for over 25 years. We know that for homeowners , the single most important part of installing furnaces is choosing a contractor who can:
  • Help you select the furnace model that best suits your needs
  • Install your furnace fast, efficiently, cleanly, and with a minimum of disruption to your household or business
  • Maintain your furnace properly, offering you a choice of schedule and payment plans
  • and, get you the best price possible!




Custom-Fit Furnace To Match Your Needs! The main task of a furnace is to move warm air efficiently around your home or business. At BCRC Plumbing & Heating Ltd, the main task of our professionally-trained technicians is to correctly assess the unique needs of your home – calculating cubic footage, space requirements, and heat loss formulas.
With that information, we can recommend and you can select the furnace with the right size and power to do the job effectively and at a reasonable cost.

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The 3 main types of new furnace installs available are:

Gas Furnace Installation & Replacement

  • Gas furnace installs are the most commonly installed furnaces in British Columbia homes. More efficient than installed oil furnaces, but less than electric, gas furnaces are typically the cheapest to run as they rely on natural gas as their energy source. With this your British Columbia home does run the risk of carbon monoxide and requires ongoing maintenance through its life. Gas furnaces are however the least expensive model to run by using natural gas, making them a favorable choice for furnace replacement.

Electric Furnace Installation & Replacement

  • Electric furnace installation is another popular choice for British Columbia homeowners. Compared to gas & oil furnaces, electric furnace installations cost much less as they require only electricity & not natural gas line piping installation or oil storage tanks. However with this simplicity, electrical furnaces install are the most expensive to run due to their high usage of electricity. Electric furnaces still remain a common furnace replacement option with their comparatively lower purchase prices & minimal lifespan maintenance. Ask a BCRC Heating and Cooling HVAC expert today if electric furnace install cost is worthwhile for your British Columbia home.

Oil Furnace Installation & Replacement

  • Oil furnace installations are not what they once were in British Columbia but they still offer some attractive benefits. Oil furnaces are able to heat large spaces evenly & have less emissions than gas furnaces with no risk of carbon monoxide leakage in your British Columbia home. However, oil furnaces do require an on-site oil storage tank for fuel & an oil delivery service. Oil is typically more expensive than natural gas and has the lowest efficiency rating for heating per its energy source, however this determined largely on your British Columbia location. Call us today to schedule a furnace installation cost estimate to see if a oil furnace install is the right fit for your home.


Certified Heating and Cooling Technicians

  • Our licensed Vancouver furnace repair technicians train every week on heating systems. This ensures they’ll do the job right…the first time! Our technicians are fully licensed and ticketed, adhering to all Fortis BC guidelines and regulations.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If you’re not 100% satisfied with our furnace repair work, you’ll get your money back…guaranteed! If something’s not right, we’ll fix it.

Upfront Pricing

  • No hidden costs here. You’ll know exactly how much the heating repair will be before we start our work.