Fireplace Cleaning

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Gas Fireplace Regularly?

Gas fireplaces, just like every other appliance in your home, need to be tuned up and maintained regularly in order to avoid large and costly break downs. It is beneficial for your health and safety to clean your gas fireplace annually.

The Cleaning and Service of your Gas Fireplace Includes:

  • Check gas lines and valves for leaks
  • Clean the fan motor and fan
  • Check the pilot light and ensure it is burning safely
  • Remove the glass doors and clean them with a specially made gas fireplace window cleaner
  • Check the outside vent (direct vent fireplaces) for debris and blockage.

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Wood Fireplace Regularly?
It is important for your health and safety to get your wood burning fireplace cleaned and inspected annually.
Your wood burning fireplace needs to be serviced and cleaned regularly to ensure that the toxic and unhealthy fumes that are produced by burning wood or wood products are removed from the home.

The Cleaning and Service of your Wood Fireplace Includes:

  • Removal of the accumulated creosote and tar products from the fireplace
  • Elimination of build-ups in the chimney flue that could block the flow of exhaust gasses from the fireplace
  • Check and tune up of the fireplace damper
  • Check the outside vent for debris and plug ups