Boilers And Radiant Heating

The most important aspect of our home is that it is comforting and our physical warmth plays a key role in that feeling.

There are many different types of heating including radiant, forced air (gas furnace) and fireplaces. Radiant heating is an old method of heating, but has recently been given a boost to its popularity thanks to developments in technology.


How radiant heating works

Radiant heating systems involves a hydronic radiant heating system placed under the floors of your house, in the walls, or in the ceiling. The system is comprised of two parts. The first is the boiler which warms up water to create the needed heat. The second is the pipes which are evenly distributed throughout your home. The way that this heating system is designed will ensure that your house stays warm, even on the coldest Vancouver nights.

Benefits of radiant heating

A radiant heating system is completely embedded within your walls or flooring, so doesn’t take up space. This is also useful for homeowners who are conscious about the aesthetic of their home. Another great benefit of this type of heating is that radiant heating distributes the heat equally throughout your home. This creates a greater feeling of comfort which is what radiant heating is widely known for. The way that radiant heating systems distribute heat also prevents dust from circulating throughout the air which other heating systems tend to do.


How BCRC Plumbing & Heating Ltd can help

BCRC Plumbing & Heating Ltd is here when you need radiant heating system repair, services or installation, 24-7-365.

You can trust the licensed professionals at BCRC Plumbing & Heating Ltd to get the job done right…24-7. No matter whether it’s a holiday or 3 a.m., one of our technicians will be at your location ready to offer you fast, professional service.

We provide the entire range of services for boilers, from selecting the right one for your needs, to installing it, warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance.

BCRC Plumbing & Heating Ltd offers expert repair, service and installation for a wide variety of quality brand-name boilers, including:

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  • Eco-King
  • IBC Condensing Boilers


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